About Me


My Past

My name is Jonathan Hoban, and I am a graphic designer but have various skills and knowledge in many other areas of life. I am first and foremost a Christian. I enjoy working on classic cars, playing soccer, and gaming of all kinds. I was born in Jacksonville, Florida but mainly have lived in Raleigh, North Carolina my whole life. As a kid, I spent my time building with Lego's and Bionicle's. Later on in my high-school career I took those building skills and formed a love for computer hardware, where I was able to pinpoint specific issues with computers and refurbish them. At the start of my college career I decided to make graphic design my major because I was able to create and break the natural walls surrounding designing on the computer.

     Previous Design Introduction

I have designed logos, banners, and backgrounds for Instagram accounts, twitch channels, and YouTube channels. I have made logos and various designs for others especially in the gaming community. My favorite part about design is that every project is different and you almost never know what problems will arise, but I enjoy solving the issues. Follow me on LinkedIn: Jon Hoban by clicking the LinkedIn button below.